Traditional Bronze Turkeys & Honey & Dry Cured Hams.

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Cooked Hams and ready to eat

Easy Cook Boneless Bronze Turkey and Honey Cloved Hams Specials

Bronze Turkey

Boneless Bronze Turkey

Bronze Turkey Crown

Christmas Hampers Bronze Turkey & Honey Cured Hams

Honey Cured Hams

Pork Roast

Bronze Turkey and Norfolk Black Turkey,  Bred for the Christmas Dinner Table

What’s the difference?

White turkeys tend to be mass produced in a factory type situation, they only live a short life, factory turkeys get to live 13 – 14 weeks, they don’t develop to full maturity, they haven’t been out feeding on the grass, so they haven’t developed the fat on the skin to produce a nice quality flavour, they are just forced along to get the weight while in comparison our Bronze turkeys live up to 31 weeks which is old for a Christmas Turkey, they have a full body which means the size of the breast is large in relation to the body, more flavour, and more moisture, they live a full natural life and they have had the freedom they should have, all in all, they are no comparisons between the two.