Watch Video – see the environment and diet our Bronze Turkeys enjoy in Sallins, Naas, Co.Kildare

We rear our turkeys for the Christmas market. Gerry McEvoy began rearing turkeys in 2001 and has increased his numbers to several hundred due to demand since then. We supply a few butchers on a small scale, but our main trade is with individual customers who come to our farm to collect their turkeys in advance of Christmas day. (Collection points are also available in Dublin and Roscrea.)

We take great pride in our turkeys and rear them to a very high standard. We rear them slowly over the course of six months to achieve the best quality of meat. They spend everyday outside and are fed a diet of free range meal, wheat, grassherbs, kale, nettles , dandelions, clover, cabbage and apples. The environment and this diet make the meat very moist.

The turkeys range in weight from 10lb up to 32lb. We have hen turkeys up to 24lb weight. Our turkeys are oven ready. They are professionally cleaned and prepared for cooking. Giblets are included.

Christmas Bronze Turkeys Sallins Co.Kildare